Community Support and Wellbeing

Indeedcare/Community Support and Wellbeing

Community Support and Wellbeing

Community Nursing Care

We aim to provide special services for individuals that need more care and support. People may require highly skilled registered nurses that will help promote a healthy lifestyle.  Our multicultural, highly skilled professionals are sensitive, caring and always ready to help. You will gain independence and develop a lot of life skills suitable for your lifestyle in a safe environment.

Innovative Community Participation

Community participation helps improve the overall wellbeing of every person and thus we provide innovative community participation assistance. It helps build confidence and impacts other aspects of your life like education, employment, health and quality of life. 

You develop confidence and independence while learning how to carry yourself in a community. 

We can assist you in connecting and participating in community events, depending on the support level you need. We can assist you in becoming aware of social norms and expectations and also develop new skills and interests

Participation in the Community

At IndeedCare, we believe that participating in your community helps people improve their wellbeing and increases life satisfaction. 

We provide services that enable you to build skills and confidence to interact and participate with the community that surrounds you. We assist people with such services in appointments and as an ongoing support. Some of these services include community events, visiting family and friends, appointments, grocery shopping, going to the gym or cafe, exercising, swimming, etc. 

Group and Centre -Based Activities

Our services also include group and centre based activities wherein we assist you to participate in social and recreational activities like visiting beaches, zoos, enjoying cultural programs, going for movies and theatre, going for camping etc. This will help you build communication skills and make connections based on your interests.